Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dressform Tag Gears and Wings

I apologize for not posting sooner! Had some weird sick stuff going on for over a week but think I'm back to "almost" norm.  Getting some promised swaps out the door but snapped a quick picture of a tag swap for CSI (Create, Share, Inspire) called "Momma Needs a New Dress" Tag swap.  Sounded so fun I couldn't resist.  I was about to go victorian on it when I saw a bag of old cog/gear-like washer thingies I bought a while back from my local Army Surplus Store and decided to go a little steampunk on it :)  -- here's a few pics.
Might be a little dark at the bottom - I took the picture at 2:30 a.m. trying not to wake the husband.

Remember ladies! look for craft embellishments EVERYWHERE -- Home Depot, Lowe's, Cal-Ranch, Army Surplus, Grandpa's garage! There's fun stuff everywhere.
I'm planning on getting back in the groove and getting more on soon.

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