Saturday, July 21, 2012

Captured Fairy in a Jar with Resin Waterfall and Nightlights

I did my first YouTube video (EVER) on this jar - very amateur and not well done lol but if you want to see it, it's at :

Meet Alainn! On her tag is written:  "Afraid and far from home, Alainn went into the basement of an old house in the desert area of Idaho where I found her causing mischief.  She was playing in the current of a strong wind and was swept far far from her home.  She remembers the lush green of home and the rains that fell so plentifully so I am sending her to you in Ireland so she can again be blissful.  She is an enchanting fairy capable of very strong majik that helps your dreams become fulfilled.  She can come and go as she pleases but will always be with you when you're awake.  You will know when the time is right to pass her to another who needs their dreams to come to fruition.  Her majik is powerful.  She even helped make Cinderella's slippers." (The tag is covered in acrylic pink, crackle medium, silver paint, and a thick layer of enameling resin over the writing).
She's a NIGHTLIGHT!! I couldn't resist adding a string of rice wedding lights throughout the jar.

Front View - taken outside cuz it's too dark in my craft spot.

Two rows of vintage lace and a BIG OLE Prima Flower with an added piece of antiqued filigree, acrylic crylic flowers and some crystal dangles to give it a little bling.

Part of her story is that she helped create Cinderella's glass slippers so I used this plastic slipper, drilled a hole in it and added a filigree butterfly. The midsummer nights fairy dangle that is in another post on this blog is now home with the fairy jar.

This is my FAVORITE part - theWater Spirit!  I let resin drip to look like a waterfall, cut it out of the plastic cup I formed it in, added some Sail Boat Blue Adirondack Alcohol Ink to the back, molded a resin face and attached it (more on the pool under the fall below).

I purchased this pick of raspberries from JoAnn's but found so many of the little red beads in the bag when I got home that I was afraid they wouldn't deal well with time or shipping so I coated them all over with Glossy Accents.  LOVE THAT STUFF!

Under the resin Water Spirit Waterfall is a little pool that I made from tiny pieces of broken blue and white glass, covered in Glossy Accents and held a little Bronze Mermaid Charm in place till she dried.  Added a little bronze seashell to the moss rock behind her.  The seashell isn't even as big as a dime so you can get the idea of the size.

"Sort of" runs together smoothly.  The big flowers inside the jar (besides the crystal ones) are from Prima.

She seems to be starting to get a serene look on her face (for a Christmas Ornament she's pretty in purple huh?)

I also molded a bird out of clear resin and attached it to the gold glitter vines (they're off Christmas picks from JoAnn's btw).

Well, I hope she makes it to Ireland safe and sound.  Her new owner Niamh, from Life on the Scrapbeach has been waiting should give her a loving new home and she told us on the LOTSB site that she had recently seen a "real" fairy circle during a recent walk, so Alainn should feel right at home with her.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Paris Handmade Flowers Dangles Stick Pins ... busy busy

Just posting a few photos of some quicker projects more coming soon!
Had fun playing with a variety of materials to make some handmade flower-like embellies.

This one was my fav, with lace and tule, a cameo and dyed ostrich feathers.

My first attempt at decorating envelopes for a Mail Art swap for LOTSB.  Envelopes were to remain flat with no lumpy embellies so they could go through the post easily.  The top is my first Zentangle.  So much fun everyone should grab a marker and start drawing.  The bottom are embossed colored stamps

This was "SUPPOSED" to be a gigantic ATC at 4"x6" but I think it ended up being more of a small wallhanging or big tag :D.  The mime face is epoxy that I mixed and put in a mold. A Sharpie made for easy mime face drawing.  the black frame is a Tim Holtz die.  Gotta love the big Eifel Tower Charm.  It's a little over 2" tall.  There's a scalloped envelope on the back with a string dangle to close that you can see hanging out the bottom.

Decided on some Christmas Stickpins to break the summer monotony :D  WOOT WOOT for Christmas in July.

A small Paris in the Springtime dangle charm for CSI.