Friday, June 15, 2012

2 Charm Dangles - Steampunk & Fairy

Steampunk Dangle Charm - I LOVE this stuff - I might be an old lady but if I could stuff my chubby butt into a corset and wear the steampunk style I would.  Love the metal, the victorian flair, skulls, wings, owls, octopus, everything about steampunk.  This dangle is about 6" from the top of the clip to the bottom of the owl.

The Owl was the most fun creation I've made in a while.  The gold owl charm is about 2" tall and I smashed 4 bead cones and made wings, stuck a gear in his eye, a black gear on the back showing through the other eye, the crown charm originally said "2003" on the bottom but I filed it, stickled it and put on some glossy accents to get rid of the date.

The hard part is making industrial not so manly so I added a rose charm and a bronze tone flower with a swarovski bicone red bead in the center. 

This is what it looks like just dangling.

I had to make a chipboard presentation tag to support it.  Tim Holtz die gears painted with metalic pens and I made a ribbon rose from satiny brown ribbon then I ran my embossing gun around it to melt parts of the rose to "toughen" it up. A metal leaf added the right touch to the rose to make it more "steampunky".

Fairy Dangle charm!!! gotta love those fairies!  but secretly my favorite part is that mushroom charm!!

On the big fairy above the metal leaf, I used butterscotch and lettuce alcohol inks on her to help her fit in.  

 I loved loved making these dangles - they posed some challenges since I'm fairly new at beading, but I'm getting the hang of it!!