Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Getting Ready for Seasonal Crafting

This morning these online photos reminded me of my West Virginia roots.  Waking to a brilliantly lit room of the sun shining through a chilled, glass world.  One of the elusive times of true silence in this busy world.  The power out, the world caked in thick, clear ice, the only sounds are the humming from your own mind trying to comprehend the muted world and the occassional cannonade crash of a tree falling somewhere in the forest from the weight of the ice, sounding like some vehement monster stepping your way.  I'm in Idaho now, there's never an ice storm.  Yearning now to be in my West Virginia wilderness, staring over a bright, snow covered forest where a neighbor is only seen by the distant smoke coming from a chimney several mountains over.  Still, the cold in this desert is urging me to start the Halloween and Christmas crafting time ... the best crafting time of the year.

1 comment:

  1. BBRRR! Those pics make me cold! Lol! Your writing sounds poetic--maybe you could try your hand at that! Can't wait to see what Fall/Winter crafts you have up your sleeve!

    Been missing you on the IASST site! --KimB.