Thursday, May 31, 2012

Handmade Lollipop and Starch Flowers

Newest Handmade Flowers

White cardstock, throw on some water-based marker around the edges, lay on wax paper and saturate with spray starch till marker runs, crunch flowers, dry, unfold and stick together with a glue gun.  I put stamins in these but the look great with a button or bling for centers as well.

Dryer Sheet Lollipop Flowers.  Used dryer sheets sprayed with a glimmer mist and dried, some tule, cut in the circle sizes you want, outline circles with glitter glue, stick together with a glue gun, put something in the center.  These centers are Primas.  So much fun and they look great on cards!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spring Butterfly Fairy Premade Album with Plaster Cover

I cut the butterfly shapes out of medium/heavy weight chipboard.  This cover is covered in plaster, painted pink, and sealed. Several of the flowers are handmade or put together from a variety of materials and flowers.

The Yellow Crystals are ... yellow crystal flowers :D it may not look like it from the photo.

The tule is attached to removable tags.  Most of the papers used are either Graphic 45 or Stampin'Up.

I've fallen in love with Steampunk stuff, even though this is more fairy-springish, I had to throw a clock in there.

Cover the bunnies with a photo.

There is transparency attached to the antiqued filigree that keeps all the tags snug.  Even though you can see them siding under the flowers and metal the bottoms are tightly in there.
Dangle beads seem to add that extra wow factor to everything.

The fairy in the upper right corner is under a 1/4 inch glass oval.  A photo can be fit under the edges of the filigree metal brackets on each corner, or maybe a matted theater ticket. The fiber around the edge gives that feathery feel.

There are 2 pages that have these clear frames that a memento or photo can be placed under for viewing.

I loved making this roughed-up postcard on a hinge, when you raise it you access a tag and a place to put journaling and/or a photo.

The back page it lined with lace that the postcard can slide under.
The interior pages are approximately 1.5 inches smaller than the covers.

Just a backflash ...

Had a couple people ask for the old blog address to get the views of the Strawberry Shortcake and Mulan pages - they were at my blog that I decided to drop (since scrapbooking only covers a little of my crafting addiction) it's at :
I'll leave it up for a while longer if anybody wants to view those photos for ideas and I'm not a worrier about someone copying any of my stuff so feel free.

I just am finishing up an altered Spring/Fairy book and will post the pictures either today or tomorrow.
Don't forget, if you "follow" the blog you'll get the updates, but I'll gladly keep answering email questions and comments as well.  Have a fabulous Spring day!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dressform Tag Gears and Wings

I apologize for not posting sooner! Had some weird sick stuff going on for over a week but think I'm back to "almost" norm.  Getting some promised swaps out the door but snapped a quick picture of a tag swap for CSI (Create, Share, Inspire) called "Momma Needs a New Dress" Tag swap.  Sounded so fun I couldn't resist.  I was about to go victorian on it when I saw a bag of old cog/gear-like washer thingies I bought a while back from my local Army Surplus Store and decided to go a little steampunk on it :)  -- here's a few pics.
Might be a little dark at the bottom - I took the picture at 2:30 a.m. trying not to wake the husband.

Remember ladies! look for craft embellishments EVERYWHERE -- Home Depot, Lowe's, Cal-Ranch, Army Surplus, Grandpa's garage! There's fun stuff everywhere.
I'm planning on getting back in the groove and getting more on soon.