Wednesday, February 20, 2013

SEXY Tussie Mussie - Corset Red Velvet with Heart Crown Charm Dangle and Graphic 45 Valentines

I've been in a bit of a Tussie Mussie craze! This one made me smile more than the rest.  It was more work but definitely worth it.
Graphic 45 Place in Time paper line (the Valentine's are from the February page) is amazing.  Making wire swirls to put the clipped valentines in worked perfectly.  This is the most simple work on papers I've ever used.  They are so lovely I simply snipped them from the paper, distressed the edges a bit and added some Tim Holtz Distress ink to the edges.

Such gorgeous papers (as always!) Graphic 45!
To make the Tussie Mussie:

 I used red velvet from one of my old Halloween capes and the faux leather from one of my son's old knight costumes I made (that way I could feel good about the recycling part!) I used the same way of making the cone from a sodapop box as the Shabby Chic Tussie Mussie but made this one more cicular at the top.  Some views might seem similar except I took photos on different color backgrounds so you can see the detail more.
This is a 12-inch ruler to show this is a fairly large Tussie. Taking in the gold chain that it hangs from, the total length is about 15 inches.

The rose was originally white ribbon.  I spritzed it with both red and a black Tattered Angels sprays (Cinnamon and China Black - I've had them for so many years that I'm not sure if they make those hues anymore).  The big heart bead came from JoAnn's.  The bottom heart from my local bead store and the rest?? who knows, just part of my hoard.

A variety of danglies, a crown, and bling to finish it off.

I sewed the red velvet and the faux leather to the chipboard (but only along the top and down the front where you can see the stitch lines.  The silver eyelets are silver and are about 1/4" in the center.  The gold string was a scrap from doing ornatments years ago.  Little jinglebells hang from the ends of the string.  The string laces up the front and it holds it together like a corset :) LOVE THAT!!!

This is one of the most interesting views to me.  I painted the inside of the cone while it was flat BEFORE attaching the material to avoid staining the cloth.  Painting a base coat of red, a medium thick crackle medium, then black gives it a lava - look!!!

The lace I hot glued to the top is a tulle attached to a large gold metal chain that is laced through with a thin line of black thin faux leather.  The surprising part?? It came from WalMart.

Viewed against brown denim.

The back of the Tussie Mussie.  Can you see those wrinkles?  They were intentional.  I was going to warm iron the velvet and glue it down.  After touching it with it having movement (it's not glued down) I decided it felt so awesome and I loved the wrinkles!

There is a little tuff of black lace that I hot glued over the silver eyelet that holds the gold chain on the bottom.  I just pulled a little piece of chain out of the tulle/chain ribbon.
There's the PROOF --- Crafting can be SEXY!


  1. This really is a beautiful sexy creation, I just love it. Crafty Hugs Juli X

    1. Thanks JuliAnn! Sexy is important ate my age lol and sadly the only way I'm going to get it is through crafting at this point :D