Sunday, June 9, 2013

Charm GRAB-BAG Give-Away!!

I've decided to do 2 give-aways this month to random blog followers - I'm going to let my teen son (who couldn't really care less what mom's crafty stuff is doing in the net world :) pick out 2 names from those who follow the blog, he doesn't know anybody so I think it's a pretty fair way to do it.
When the names are drawn I'll list them on the blog and then contact the person for the address they want me to mail it to.  To be eligible, you just have to "Join the Site" -- basically if your name shows up in those little pics to the right, you're in the drawing :) --- I'll be posting pics soon of what's in the stash.
Prize 1: (pic coming soon) - 20 Charms / Mixed Media Embellishments
Prize 2: (pic coming soon) - 10 Charms / Mixed Media Embellishments

I plan on doing the give-away on June 20th.

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