Sunday, August 25, 2013

Craftng TIPS keeping it clean

There are 2 disposable things I feel like have now become a necessity when crafting.
First, from your local newspaper office ask to buy the end rolls (the rolls that are way too small for them to print the newspaper on).  Many newspaper offices sell these extremely cheap or even give away free if you ask them to save them for you.  This way you have an endless supply of clean paper to work on, let the kids / grandkids craft on, or let them draw and paint on this paper.  Another benefit, that AWESOME thick cardboard core in the middle!!! Hacksaw your circle for sturdy, huge spools, or any craft that you need a big, stiff circle:
I picked up this big roll from the Morning News newspaper in Blackfoot, Idaho for $3 !!! It will last me several years!

Another item that no crafter should be without if you use resin, glue, alcohol inks or paints ... a BIG box of disposable gloves.  These are easily found in your local pharmacy or department store.  Usually you will find them in the Pharmacy areas with the diabetic supplies.  Watch for the $5 and $10 off coupons in the store's ads.  After a $10 off coupon in their monthly ad I paid less than $5 for this entire box at my Walgreens (like a Rite Aid for you east coasters).  They come in Latex and non-Latex for those that have allergies, also you can get them powdered or not.  Slip on a pair and do ALL your dirty work and dispose quick in the trash.  If you're using alcohol inks and paints, you can just reuse that pair several times to save $.

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