Thursday, January 31, 2013

Knight Renaissance Faire Mussie Tussie with Sword and Crowns

My son was not very impressed with my first Mussie Tussie.  Can't blame him considering the pink lace and foo foo embellies.  The challenge was on! Had to make a Mussie Tussie even a teen boy would say, "Ya, it's kinda kewl mom." I SUCCEEDED!  I'm trying to convince him and his father (manly men at best description) to consider doing Renaissance Faire activities with me this summer.  My nerdrage kicked in when they thought the idea was less than amazing, so I'm trying my best to give them little spikes of emotional attachment to the idea without overwhelming them with the idea ... a slight win with the Mussie Tussie.  I only have about 3 more months to manipulate them into capitulating to my ideas of family fun. I must convince them that Renaissance Faires are not LARPing - so they can maintain their cool-factor.

...there's the explanation of why I just cut up the Knight costume I made for my son about 7 Halloweens ago.
The cone part is about 5-6 inches long, sorta skinny, only about 1 3/4" round at the top.

The crown dangle is an earring that made my ears itch - decided to put it to good use.

I used part of a dog chain that I got at the local dollar store :) -- that's "manly" isn't it?
No pattern for the chipboard.  I simply cut a huge circle out of a 12x12-inch piece of thin chipboard then quartered it.  1/4 of the circle makes for a nice size Mussie Tussie.  Always roll the chipboard into the shape you want your Mussie Tussie in before decorating it so you can have the chipboard easily roll into place when it's time to put it together.

These 2 photos show how I sewed the material on the thin chipboard, only covered the part that would be shown. I later trimmed off most of the excess brown chipboard, leaving just enough to hot glue the cone together.

I trimmed the material to where I could just flip it over the edge that would be seen on the outside of the cone to give it a little more of a finished egdge.

For the inside I used ScorPal tape and my ATC to attach some "knightly" paper from DCWV Tattered Time collection.

 I didn't have any big eyelets in a metallic colour left, so I just used the Copper Leafing Pen by Krylon.  I should have worked a little harder to color inside the hole, but since it's going to be stuffed with Hershey Kisses and given to a teen boy for Valentine's Day, there's a good chance I'll find it on the floor under a pile of clothes anywayz.
OH! and the black material is part of his old costume as well.  It's cheap vinyl.  The top is trimmed by running it through the BigShot with Tim Holtz Postage edge die.
Thanks for looking!  Have fun NOT Putting The Glue Down!

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